Cannabis-based medicinal products

Cannabis-based medicinal products

As different states across the world are amending their legislation in order to create industries looking into the development of cannabis‐based medicine, now more than ever, it is important to ensure that the products on Europe’s markets are subject to quality control and their production is closely monitored to ensure consumer safety.

Cannabis-based medicines are used for treating a wide range of illnesses, including multiple sclerosis, HIV, epilepsy, the side effects of chemotherapy and also chronic pain.

However, due to a lack of research in the field, there are not enough scientific studies investigating the plant’s properties and the potential opportunities for patients that may result.

1. Is the Commission willing to fund research and innovation in this field?

2. Is the European Medicines Agency in a position to provide guidelines to Member States in order to ensure the quality control of cannabis‐based medicinal products appearing on European markets?

3. Does the Commission plan on creating a network establishing an exchange of information on research in this field and legislative mapping?

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