Child Refugees Stranded in Camps

Child Refugees Stranded in Camps

A recent EU Court of Auditors report has called for imperative action to be taken to address the issue of about 23 000 unaccompanied child refugees living in neglected Greek and Italian refugee camps where there is a consistent lack of adequate security, food, water and medical facilities.

The situation has become very serious for these children, who have previously fled from conflicts and who now face another humiliating experience that will have detrimental consequences for their lives and futures.

What immediate plans does the EU intend to take to tackle the situation faced by these unaccompanied minors?

Does the EU plan to collaborate or assist in the appointment of child protection officers for these centres?

While the Member States have made commitments to admit several thousands of migrants from Italian camps, only hundreds have been relocated. In the light of this, how will the reception of these unaccompanied minors be prioritised?

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