Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

Miriam is a substitute member, in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee (LIBE), where she is very active on the topic of irregular immigration. Since her first days in parliament, the message Miriam brought forward was that the inactivity of the EU in the field of immigration is leading to more deaths and greater pressureson European citizens. In the European Parliament Miriam said that our people feel they are being left alone, to hear nice words and now they want solutions. This was also a point she brought up in a direct meeting with Commissioner Malmstrom, who was responsible for this area. Miriam was also appointed to address an international conference on the subject in Brussels.

Miriam has also highlighted the current instability in Libya and the presence of ISIS in the country. In Strasbourg plenary speeches and other meetings Miriam stressed that instability in Libya is helping people traffickers, that Libya is a problem for all of Europe and the Union must take a central to resolving the situation. Especially in light of the announcement of the presence ofISIS.

Inside and outside the LIBE commitee Miriam has also been involved in LGBTI advocacy actions.

Reports & Opinions

Interoperability systems for the reduction of bureaucracy in administration
As part of  my work on the LIBE committee I am working on an Opinion on the decision of the European Parliament and the Council establishing a programme on interoperability solutions for European public administrations, businesses and cities. This particular programme is referred to as ISA2 and it looks at interoperability as a means for modernising the public sector.
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