Dieselgate and consumer rights

Dieselgate and consumer rights

The 2015 Dieselgate scandal shocked consumers across the European Union and demonstrated why the EU must implement strong checks and balances to ensure that companies do not abuse their power and consumer trust. Since the scandal, Volkswagen has installed corrective software to mitigate the issue.

However, a recent Euroconsumers survey shows that 45% of the cars which underwent the update have developed problems such as increased fuel consumption, loss of power and/or mechanical problems. This includes issues with the EGR valve, which regulates the emission of nitrogen dioxide. European consumers have, however, been made to pay for any subsequent repairs themselves.

In contrast, Volkswagen paid USD 15 billion in compensation to its customers in the United States and was subject to legal action.

1. Is the EU currently embarking on negotiations with the said company in order to ensure that European citizens are fairly compensated?

2. Has the EU considered legal action against the company in light of this scandal?

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