OXFAM sexual misconduct allegations and EU funds

OXFAM sexual misconduct allegations and EU funds

Recent allegations of sexual misconduct, mismanagement and inappropriate behaviour involving high-level officials, aid workers and other OXFAM employees have shocked the international community.

Allegations include claims that aid workers bought sex from vulnerable women in the countries they were sent to help rebuild. Apart from this, there have been various reports about intimidation and harassment and that pornographic and illegal material was allegedly found on work computers as well.

At the same time, the EU is a major funding contributor to Oxfam. During the 2011 interventions in Haiti, the place where some of the alleged abuse occurred during the same timeframe, the EU gave OXFAM EUR 1.7 million.

1. Has the EU launched an investigation into the misappropriation of funds by OXFAM? What stage have these investigations reached?

2. What actions will the EU take should an investigation confirm that a serious misappropriation of funds took place?

3. The Commission has said that it is ready to ‘review’ partners who do not respect the EU’s ethical standards. In what way does the Commission plan to carry out this ‘review’?

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