Student rights post-Brexit

Student rights post-Brexit

According to the UK‐based Higher Education Statistics Agency, there are currently over 120 000 EU citizens studying in the United Kingdom. EU citizens make up 6% of students within the UK.

The Department of Education of the United Kingdom has stated that European Union students enrolling in English universities in 2018-2019 will pay the same tuition fees as UK students and will remain eligible for financial support for the duration of their courses. The Governments of Wales and Scotland have issued similar statements.

This does not, however, guarantee the same privileges to EU students currently studying in the UK, nor does it guarantee the ability of future students to reap the same tuition benefits. The impending changes to border laws and visa requirements will have a major impact on the ability of EU citizens to study abroad in the UK, as will changes to tuition prices and loan provisions.

1. How will the Commission protect the interests of students seeking higher education in the UK?

2. How will the Commission ensure the financial security of EU citizens currently studying in the UK?

3. What impact will border negotiations have on the feasibility of students obtaining visas to study in the UK?

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