Supporting local tourism and purchasing local products is vital for businesses to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, Gozitan businesses told MEP Miriam Dalli.

During a visit to the sister island, Dalli had the opportunity to visit establishments in Rabat and Xewkija, including the Gozitano complex.

Many held that their businesses were slowly gaining ground and are looking forward to the coming days and weeks in the hope that this will continue to pick up. Whilst visitors dip during the weekdays, a noticeable surge is evident over the weekends. One business owner also highlighted how projections for the spring months had pointed towards a record year in bookings, with the pandemic delivering an unexpected financial blow.

In reaction to this, MEP Dalli emphasised the importance of local tourism. She held that these months should serve as an opportunity for Maltese citizens to spend their hard-earned money locally. Such local tourism is vital for business’ survival, she said, adding that both Malta and Gozo were blessed with a myriad of local, genuine products and services. Consuming such goods and services not only ensures the local consumer of good-quality products, but it keeps local enterprises afloat.

During her visit, Miriam Dalli heard of ways in which Gozitan entrepreneurs diversified their business operations by offering online sales, delivering goods and services and brainstorming innovative practices. She urged the continuation of such practices, especially in a day and age when citizens lead busy lifestyles.  

All entrepreneurs commended the government’s financial injection, that has helped to retain workers in the industries that were hit the hardest by the pandemic. They also mentioned the incentives implemented in order to lessen the expenses incurred by passengers when using Gozo Ferries.

Miriam Dalli encouraged business owners to continue investing in quality products and services.