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Miriam Dalli is a lawyer by profession, a former journalist and a former Vice President of the Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament. She is currently serving as Minister for the Environment, Energy and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour


Miriam Dalli holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Malta. She also graduated in Communications from the University of Malta, holds a Masters in European Studies and a Masters in Business Administration.


Miriam Dalli is a Minister, a former Vice President of the Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament and the first woman to serve as news editor of a Maltese TV station. Together with her husband John, she has two beautiful sons, Jack and Kane.

Through her work, Miriam broke through the glass ceiling to become a role model for women and girls. Politico branded her ‘a doer’, a title she earned for her resilience and relentlessness.

Her passion has always driven her towards roles in which she could contribute to a better society. In the European Parliament, she focused on energy efficiency, climate change, the environment, the green and blue economy, the health sector, youths and innovation and creativity.

In 2020, she was asked by Prime Minister Robert Abela to join the national parliament. She soon became Malta’s Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development – a portfolio created to help drive sustainability in economic growth and environmental protection.



In 2015, Miriam Dalli was named as one of the best five new
MEPs by The Parliament Magazine.

In March 2016, she was chosen as the ‘MEP of the Year’ in the
Energy sector.

In 2017, shew was nominated in two different categories in the MEP Awards: Public Health and Environment. She won the Public Health award, which acknowledged her work on issues such as mental health, autism, and cancer in children.

In March 2017, Miriam Dalli ranked as the second most influential MEPs in terms of environmental policy by VoteWatch Europe. Together with MEPs Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy and Bas Eickhout, Dalli was viewed as leading environmental policies for progress in the EU.

In December 2018, she was nominated to the Politico 28 Class of 2019, a list of ‘doers, disrupters and dreamers’ who would transform Europe in 2019. Miriam Dalli was on the list of doers.